Simply for fun

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks… Lately I’ve been very busy with work, although I’ve been sketching a little… I’ve been doing very fast scribbles mostly at lunchtime. There is a lot of informality in my latest sketches, as I’ve been using a cheap sketchbook and an even cheaper set of markers. Actually, it is a 10-pc set of mini markers which cost me $0.85, less than 9 cents a marker! They are very difficult to hold, but whatever, using these has taken the seriousness out of the equation. Right now I’m really playing.

Here are some of my “creations” (LOL). I actually sketched the first one with my off hand:





Busted Ice Cream Quest Turned Into Sketching Trip

Today we traveled to Lares, PR, to get some of the weirdest ice¬†cream ever… corn, rice, avocado, codfish, among other flavors are the specialty there. However, after almost a two hour trip, the ice cream shop was closed.

So, I decided to make some sketches. I sketched at Lares, at Arecibo and at Manatí. Well, no ice cream, but at least I had fun.