Sketching @ Plaza de Armas

Here’s another quick sketch while taking a break in between jobs; spent around 25 minutes doing this one. I watercolored first, then used the Sharpie and then did a couple shadows with a greyish lavender Copic marker.


Quick watercolor sketch

Just sharing a quick sketch I did today with an 8B pencil and watercolors at Plaza del Quinto Centenario in Old San Juan.


Sketching with a Sharpie

When trying out different media sometimes I forget the ones I started with. In architecture school a Sharpie and tracing paper are (or at least were…) the most used items. A couple of days ago I purchased a double-tip Sharpie, my favorite.

Today I took a small break to do this sketch at Plaza de Armas in Old San Juan. This time I decided to draw the side opposite to the City Hall, a first time for me. Actually this is probably my favorite sketch I’ve done at Plaza de Armas.

It took me 25 minutes, 5 more than I had planned, but who’s complaining? I did enjoy this impromptu session.


Second Post Today, More Sketches

Two posts in just a few hours? I don’t remember having done this before, but as I am now posting from my phone it gets a lot easier. Also, the last few days I’ve been sketching a lot, so I don’t want to get behind.

I did these while waiting for my class to start. One was while having a sandwich at La Tortuga, the other is my third version of El Callejón del Hospital. What I like about this one is that all the color was put in before the black. It is really my interpretation of how I was seeing the place and not a sketch I colored.



Mixed Media on Super Bowl Sunday

I did a few sketches yesterday with different media, charcoal pencil, graphite pencil, markers, pen brush and a felt tip point pen. Some of them were done while watching the Super Bowl with a group of excellent friends. I like that switching media keeps me exploring and even feels like I’m playing.