Re-visiting and re-sketching

This past couple of weeks I’ve been re-sketching some places I’ve sketched before. First, there is a Subway store I usually go for lunch. I’ve sketched the people in the line more than a dozen times, but as everyone is unique, I don’t get bored. Every patron strikes a different pose, and I quickly try to capture it, usually with pencil.


A few minutes ago I was at a Tren Urbano station, the board announced the nex train arrived in 13 minutes. So I got out my sketchbook, a dark blue Sharpie and sketched the landscape. I’d done that same view before, but last time it was a beautiful, energetic sunset with striking colors. Today it is a hazy afternoon, with light showers on and off. This time colors are much more subdued, but I managed to finish right as the train arrived. Here is today’s effort:


Hometown Doodles

Me and my family are moving out of the city, back to our hometown, Florida, PR. Although I’m originally from San Juan, we built a small house and moved here eight years ago. For the last three years we have been in an apartment in San Juan, closer to work, but we’re trying to simplify our lives. Going back to our house is the first step.

Today I had the urge to sketch and went to the town plaza. As soon as I got there I really missed Old San Juan, its lively streets, buildings and spaces. Here I was in a ghost town… Not a single soul, everything was closed, not that much inspiration. Anyhow, I decided to just have a little fun and sketch playfully.

I went straight to colors with my Pitt Artist brush pens. It is a very simplified interpretation of the place, but apparently it was enough, as a friend of mine recognized the buildings and correctly identified the businesses in the sketch. I love when I’m able to accomplish that without drawing details.

I like how the sketch came out even with such bland subjects. Actually, there is a church there in the plaza, but it is so horrendous that it never occurred to me to sketch it. It is so ugly that it probably deserves a detailed sketch to share with the world. I’ll try to do one in the near future.

Here’s the one I did today: