Getting more comfortable with markers

I’ve been getting more and more comfortable using markers on my sketchbook. True, I hate the bleed thru, but I just ordered a sketchbook that apparently solves that; will write a review after I try it.

I have ventured a bit into using colors, both on a small 6″x4″ sketchbook as well as on a larger 8.5″ x 11″ one. I still mess up one of every three sketches (at least), but getting more comfortable every day.

Here are some of my latest efforts:







For the past few days I’ve been practicing the technique I learned at Eduardo Bajzek’s workshop in the USK Symposium, sketching directly with markers. This has been an interesting challenge in various ways.

Sketching without any pencil or pen linework is probably the hardest; however, it’s been really fun and spontaneous. A change in the way you observe the subject is necessary… seeing shapes of color feels a bit like flattening the three-dimensional objects. Also, with a limited range of markers you can’t focus on trying to reproduce the actual colors you’re seeing, but building up tones by layering, from light to dark.

For the first couple of days I concentrated mainly on grayscale sketches, assigning values has been the focus. Yesterday I used the colors they supplied to us in the workshop. These colors are too saturated for my liking, but decided to try my best, keeping them as practice exercises. I have a larger range of Copic markers, but they are so expensive that I don’t like to take them out every day. It’s nice that they’re refillable, but having them in my bag where I can lose them is a headache. On the field I’m using Letraset Promarkers and a few Chartpak AD. I’ll see if I can pick up a few more today at the store.

Here are some of my latest, done on a tiny 6″x 4″ sketchbook:








Straight to Markers

Here’s today attempt at sketching straight to colors, no pencil or ink lines, just shapes.