¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

This may probably the last sketch of 2012, but is certainly my last post of 2012. We’re waiting for the New Year in my home, just family and arghh, no beer! I forgot to go to the store… I only have “coquito”, too sweet for me. I did the sketch with a kabob skewer, dippin on Higgins ink.

Thanks to everyone for your visits, comments and likes. Hope next year is great for you all. See ya on 2013!


“Stick” figures

Today I sketched with sticks… I had a bamboo pen, kabob skewers and a sharpened chopstick, dipping into Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink. I really like the primitive feeling of sketching with sticks, will need to use china ink; the Noodler’s won’t dry unless it has contact with paper, so it kind of messed up a bit while watercoloring.

By the way, this was in a very nice beachside eatery, El Salpicón in Barceloneta. So, beside enjoying the sketching, I spent a nice afternoon with my family.


Sketching at Abracadabra

I have sketched a few times while having a beer at one of my favorite spots in San Juan, “Abracadabra”. This time I was in a bit of a rush, but liked the looseness and sense of informality of the sketch. I did it with felt tip pen, markers and watercolors, 8.5″x5.5″.


Sención Castillo

Today I stopped to sketch at the San Juan Cathedral while waiting for my class to start. Because of the lots of tourists passing by, there is a guy that takes this spot to sing along his guitar and harmonica.

He noticed me sketching him and took a break to see what I was doing. He liked it and asked me to write down his name: “Sención Castillo”. I had thought about leaving it in black and white, but he asked me: “Pero dale un brillito” (roughly translated “Give it a little shine”). So I did. And then he approved it.

I love when people stop by and chat; I get a lot of vibe from them. I wish it was more often. Well, Mr Sención Castillo, thanks for a nice moment.

Here is the sketch: