Loosening up once again

For a couple weeks I’ve been trying fountain pens, but I really haven’t get used to them. I feel much tighter, thinking too much about holding the pen in such a way that it doesn’t skip.

Today I got out an 8B Kohinoor Progresso woodless pencil and a Prismacolor Sanguine pencil while having lunch at a nearby Subway. I hadn’t sketched that much in a while, so sketched the customers while in line waiting for their sandwiches.

I really liked how both felt on my Strathmore Windpower sketchbook; a bit messy because of the 8B, but I felt quick and loose. I like sketching here, lots of unsuspecting subjects pretty still for a couple minutes.


Back to reality

Well, I’m back home, lots of great memories and of course I need now like a week to rest. But no, I have to be back at work tomorrow. Anyway, here are other sketches that I did during the week and didn’t get to post.




Two Caballeros

I woke up very early this morning so I had a chance to sketch the sculptures at the pool of where we are staying. I didn’t know the characters, apparently they are the Three Caballeros. However, from the spot I was sketching I could only see two, the third one was almost totally obscured. Maybe later I can “sketch-shop” him in… Here I only used a Crayola set of 12 colored pencils.


Some more vacation sketching

Here are some sketches I did the last two days while on Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I am now also venturing with colored pencils, and I like the effect, although it takes me longer.